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We are now in phase three of reopening. This means we can now carry out treatment that does not produce an aerosol and thus we can see patients for examinations and carry out hand scaling. We can place semi permanent restorations to prevent any breakages or cavities getting worse and leading to more complex treatment. So if you have any holes or rough edges on you teeth please do not ignore them but give us a call and we can stabilise them now.

Now is a good time to have the kids checked before school starts again. 

There will be many changes in dentistry and the way we run our practice will change significantly. The number of patients we can see in a day will reduce markedly and only a very small number can be in the practice at any one time.


We have enclosed links on this patient to outline how things will work and try and answer any questions you may have. Please read this material before your appointment so we can work in the most efficient manner.


It wil be very useful if we held your mobile number and email address as these would be the preferred means of communication at this time

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