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* In House -

To get off to a great start we have an in house procedure which takes about an hour when you teeth are coated with whitening gel and a special light is shone on the teeth to whiten them. This is also followed by a home whitening kit which will continue the process to achieve the desired shade


* Home whitening 

Firstly we take impressions of your mouth and get custom whitening trays made at dental lab

Two weeks later we fit the upper tray and provide the special whitening gel and advice on how to use the materials. We always start with whitening one jaw first so that the change in shade is very apparent by the next visit

At the next appointment we give you the lower tray so it can also be whiteneing to the same shade as has been achieved on the upper jaw

Whitening teeth - brightening up your smile

Does it work for everyone ?


* What whitening can't do -

The whitening gel only works on natrual tooth tissue so crowns and filling will not whiten. Where there are fillings in the front teeth we sometimes have to replace these for whiter fillings to match with the new shade achieved by whitening.

* Sensitivity

Tooth whitening can cause a transient sensitivity of the teeth but this usually passes quickly and we can provide a special serum to help with this as part of the treatment for no extra cost. Because the whitening effect is cummulative it is quite permissable to carry out the whitening over a longer period and not have to use the whitening gel avery day.

Miss R

I had my teeth whitened at Rankindental and the difference was amazing. So many people have commented on my smile now and every 6 months I buy a syringe of the special whitening gel to top up the whitening



How do we do it ?

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