Over the past several years tooth whitening has become more and more popular with our patients at RankinDental. This is the most conservative cosmetic treatment available and does not harm your teeth but yet makes a huge impact on your smile. Please call 01224 820775 for details


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Whitening teeth - brightening up your smile

Tooth coloured fillings - alternative to metal fillings

Orthodontics - straigthening teeth

There are several reasons why we would recommend tooth coloured fillings:-

* Aesthetics - They look so much better

* Health concerns - They do not contain mercury like the old amalgam or metal fillings

* Better retention - We use adhesives to bond tooth coloured filling so less drilling required

* Better insulation - they do not conduct hot / cold or electric current so readily


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We offer a variety of orthodontic braces from simple removable braces to full upper and lower fixed in braces. We are happy to advise and offer a free consultation to anwer any questions you may have regarding straightening teeth and give advice on the best approach to your case. If there is a particular orthodontic solution which we do not provide we will be happy to refer you to the appropriate team who can